Generative AI for the Public Sector: The Journey to Scale

Enhancing Productivity and Service Quality in Government with GenAI.

By Boston Consulting Group

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has the potential to make governments much more efficient and effective. The impact of GenAI on the public sector will be significant. For instance, in our first article in this series, we revealed that the potential productivity improvements from GenAI could be worth $1.75 trillion per year by 2033 globally across all levels of government. GenAI tools will augment the work of public servants, reducing the time required to complete certain tasks and enabling them to focus more time on higher-value work. Similar to other industries, this will fundamentally transform how the public sector operates and the nature of government employees’ tasks and activities.

Getting started with GenAI does not require major upfront technology investments. In most cases, an iterative approach—focusing on experimentation and ongoing capability development, matched to the organization’s AI maturity—works best. By strategically implementing GenAI in targeted areas, public sector leaders can drive impactful improvements in service delivery, operational efficiency, and citizen engagement while minimizing risk and exposure and building the skills and capabilities to scale up their transformations…