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Antigua and Barbuda: Gorgeous Caribbean country is upscale vacation destination

Famous for having so many stunning beaches that people can enjoy a different one every day of the year, the paradise islands have long been popular with sun-seekers who like the finer things in life. While tourism is the nation’s key industry, other sectors are being developed with the help of a Citizenship by Investment Program.

Malta: A unique and tantalizing destination

Unveiling Malta’s unique journey and transformation into one of Europe’s tech-focused economies.

Bahamas: Celebrating 50 Years of Success and Independence

With 2023 marking the major milestone of half a century of proud independence, the ambitious Caribbean country is building on its outstanding reputation as a tourism, financial services and maritime hotspot.

Wales: Transforming the economy, engineering success

A small but strong, determined and ambitious country, Wales is embracing its incredible history and proud traditions, while striding forward with an economy focused on cutting-edge technologies and great talent.

Iceland, the creative island

From Hollywood productions to avant-garde arts, Iceland punches above its weight when it comes to cultural influence.

Namibia: Africa’s best-kept secret

Having rebounded from recession on the back of a resurgent mining sector, Namibia is advancing into a new growth era with diversification into oil, hydrogen and manufacturing

The Dominican Republic: An Ideal Nearshoring Platform in the Caribbean Region

New leadership encourages foreign investment, tax incentives, and a thriving workforce as the Caribbean’s economic powerhouse charts a robust recovery agenda

Bahrain: The Innovation-Driven Financial Hub

Bahrain has cemented its position as the most established and progressive financial center in the Gulf Cooperation Council region by becoming the Middle Eastern nexus for fintech and innovative banking services

Outstanding Universities of the World

The best universities do more than just teach the leaders of tomorrow; they shape, inspire and equip students with key life skills like the drive and determination to overcome challenges and create a better, fairer society for future generations.

Ireland: Growth in the Face of Adversity

Industry leaders showcase Ireland's dramatic economic and social growth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the country's solid fiscal framework, open economy and focus on sustainable development of its key sectors

Global Business Schools for the Future

Leaders in business education detail the bold steps they are taking to transform the learning process to meet today's new values and vast technological advances that are rapidly reshaping industry, society and the way we function as individuals


Green solutions developed in Switzerland lead the way as global businesses gear up for a major sustainability push.

European Business Schools for the Future

The continent’s premier business schools and universities reveal how they are reinventing management education to meet the substantially different needs that global students, executives, businesses and society as a whole will have in the post-COVID era

Japan: Present/Future

A report produced in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan in the United States

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