Japan: Present/Future

Japan, America and the Post-Corona Order

The world’s two most economically powerful democracies have a unique opportunity for joint leadership in the post-pandemic global arena.

Government as a Service

The Japanese government is embarking on a digital transformation aimed at streamlining administrative procedures and providing round-the-clock services to citizens.

Society 5.0: Japan’s Roadmap for the Future

When it comes to technology, Japan’s government is no passive bystander. Its vision for Society 5.0 encourages innovation for a more sustainable, inclusive and human-centered future.

Why Japan’s Open Technology Stands to Revolutionize 5G

Increasing concerns over 5G supply chain risk have given new impetus to Japan’s open approach to next-generation mobile networks.

Voices from the Cutting Edge

Japanese companies have long been leaders in innovation and technology. Inspired by the government’s vision for a more connected, sustainable and inclusive world, they are creating the tools and infrastructure to support that future. With world-class technology in areas like robotics, artificial intelligence and 5G, they are poised to make global waves in the years to come.

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