Namibia: Africa’s best-kept secret

Having rebounded from recession on the back of a resurgent mining sector, Namibia is advancing into a new growth era with diversification into oil, hydrogen and manufacturing

Building a conducive framework for foreign direct investment

Committed to private-sector-led growth and attracting higher volumes of inward investment, the government has created a new central body that is making it easier to invest in the country

Endless horizons, jaw-dropping landscapes

From the desert to the sea, Namibia's wide-open, pristine natural environments offer tourists unforgettable experiences

The dream location for film production

The country's fabulous landscapes are being harnessed by Namibian filmmakers to tell unique stories that are now reaching international audiences

Namibia has arrived on the oil and gas scene

After two huge finds, the country has entered a new era of development and is ready to welcome international investors willing to participate in that predicted boom for oil and gas

Diamonds: A sparkling case study for responsible mining

As Namibia seeks to make the most of its in-demand resources, the country's mining sector is flourishing. Commodities include highly desirable minerals that are vital for the global energy transition, such as uranium, as well as ethically produced, premium-quality diamonds

The new hub for green hydrogen and logistics

The country's ambition to produce and export 3 million tons of green hydrogen a year is bolstered by investment in two of Africa's best performing seaports

Banks: Strong, trusted partners for growth

Firmly rooted in their country, Namibian banks are effective and dynamic catalysts of sustainable economic development that benefits all stakeholders

Making the desert bloom

Leading Namibian private-sector pioneers in new and established business areas are driven by a desire to grow, sustain and add value to the country's economy