European Business Schools Enter an Era of Reinvention

The continent’s top management educators usher in new models of education for leadership that will meet the needs of all stakeholders in the post-COVID world.

Putting Entrepreneurial Poland on the Business School Map

Established just 28 years ago in the Polish capital Warsaw, Kozminski University has become the leading business school in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), as well as a regional hub for entrepreneurship and innovation

Europe Nurtures Responsible Leaders for a New Economy

Higher education has a critical role to play in laying the foundations for ethical and responsible leadership

Frameworks for Executive Development on a Global Scale

While the size of their physical geographical footprint might vary, Europe’s premier executive educators all have substantial and influential international networks

Facilitating a Fourth Industrial Revolution of Business Leaders

Jordi Díaz, Dean of EADA Business School Barcelona, explains how the institution is maintaining its renowned reputation as the place where businesspeople grow

A Triple-Crown Institution Combines Global Presence with Close Ties to Local Communities

Jean Charroin, Dean and CEO at ESSCA School of Management, details how the French institution boosts the potential of young people at the start of responsible, innovative and international careers

Learning by Doing Makes Executive Education Relevant

Dina Dommett, Dean of Hult Ashridge Executive Education, provides an insight into a leading, progressive and global force within higher business education

An Innovative Strategy Creates a Better School for the World

Christophe Germain, Dean of Audencia, unveils a new business school model that will have a positive impact on society and the planet