“Kozminski University is a gateway to understanding the robust energy of Poland’s people and entrepreneurial economy,” explains Rector Grzegorz Mazurek. “We are a new school for a new world — new, because we develop to constantly change as reality changes.”

For students, Kozminski becomes a partner for lifelong development. Its study programs cover a wide range of degree, post-graduate and executive education offerings, with highly ranked examples that include masters’ in finance and management, plus bachelor and/or master’s degrees in management and artificial intelligence (AI), digital marketing and management in virtual environments.

Meanwhile, Kozminski’s research specializations cover topics like AI in management, finance, digital transformation and smart cities. “Our research focuses on truly impactful and socially important issues. It receives high recognition in top-ranked outlets and is widely promoted in mass media,” Mazurek asserts.

Strategically partnered with some of the other best schools in Europe and worldwide, internationalization is core to Kozminski’s identity. As are environmental issues and social responsibility: it is the first Polish school to implement United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, for instance. According to Mazurek, “COVID proved solidarity works, with the Kozminski community helping companies, hospitals and elderly people, and supporting students through rapid digital change.”

He sees the school as a hub creating value through intensive collaborations. For example, a program in management and AI has partners like Microsoft and Oracle, while a master’s in big data science is built with Accenture, Goldman Sachs, Discovery, AWS and others. Overall, he notes: “Kozminski answers what it means to be entrepreneurial: to create something real out of dreams and a well-prepared strategy. It also gives you answers as to what is unique about CEE and why so many see great prospects in the region.”

A Polish Knowledge Partner that Changes Mindsets

Grzegorz Mazurek, Rector of Kozminski University, shines a light on the leading business school in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Grzegorz Mazurek, Rector, Kozminski University

How has Kozminski University achieved its rapid success?
Through ambition, vision, drive and energy, which stems from the entrepreneurial spirit of the Polish people. Three facts explain what Kozminski is about. Firstly, it is a new school for a new world. Secondly, it is your lifelong development partner: we aren’t just providing education, we are providing development and changing mindsets. Thirdly, we make sure our research is relevant and people see that it makes a difference in their lives.

How do you drive innovation?
Innovation means change, change means attitude and attitude comes from example. For instance, an important factor during the pandemic was our partnership with Microsoft, so we were able to provide Microsoft teams to every employee and student. But fundamental to our rapid success was the eagerness of our community to change habits to serve our students.

How important is social responsibility at Kozminski?
We are the first Polish school to proclaim its United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: we have chosen six and are implementing them in our strategy. Responsible education means preparing students to serve society. All our students have intensive classes on sustainability ethics and environmental and social responsibility, with hands-on sustainability learning. We also have a vice rector of international relations and environmental and social responsibility. Business schools should set an example, attitude and perspective: we don’t teach, we develop personalities and prepare students for a constantly changing environment.

How do you ensure your education is real-world relevant?
We have many intensive collaborations with partners like Microsoft, Oracle, Accenture, Goldman Sachs and McDonalds. They share their knowledge and skills in study programs, and provide internships, case studies, teachers and scholarships. The school is a hub creating genuine value for businesses and students.

Additionally, internationalization is at the core of our identity. Our approach is to create strategic partnerships with the best business schools in Europe and the world. We have a strategic alliance with ESCP Business School and tight bonds with schools and universities in France, Portugal, Ireland and the U.K., countries that have a lot of business connections with Poland.

Why is Kozminski ideal for executive education?
We were the first in Poland and second in CEE to launch MBAs in the ’90s, and we are a member of the MBA Consortium of 12 top-class business schools around the globe where students participate in residential weeks. The Polish spirit of entrepreneurship is proven by players like CD Project, Nowy Styl, Inglot, 4F, Assecco and LPP. They are global leaders created by entrepreneurship, ambition and creativity. The same is true with Kozminski. We deliver answers with our education, research, and business and institutional connections. We teach mindset!